Can’t come up with interesting nursing research topics? Then, this post is definitely for you!

Nursing is an honorable profession and an integral part of the healthcare system. Nurses are true heroes that serve society selflessly. These compassionate beings provide essential care to the needy and safeguard public health.

In the words of Val Saintsbury:

“Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.”

However, gaining a degree in nursing requires rigorous learning, dedication, and discipline. It is a vast subject that involves many complex concepts. One needs to learn the correct diagnosis and a clear understanding of critical health problems.

On top of that, regular projects and assignments are a huge challenge. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find interesting nursing research topics for a task.

In this post, we’ll be sharing some unique, engrossing, and hot nursing research topic ideas for your dissertation or project!

How to Choose Good Nursing Research Topics? 

Before we move on and share awesome nursing research topics, let’s first understand how to pick a topic on nursing research.

Your topic should qualify on either one of the following aspects:

  • Meaningful
  • Explorative
  • Original
  • Specific
  • Relevant
  • Interesting

You should focus on selecting a good topic that's unique, but solid enough to help you gain appreciation from the professors. Avoid something that's too narrow and doesn't offer the opportunity to explore. Moreover, it is vital to back up your ideas & thoughts accurately. Thus, reference & cite the sources correctly in the paper.

Never be repetitive with nursing research topics. That would only lead to plagiarism issues, and you definitely do not want that! You can discuss your ideas with your classmates, or teachers and consider their input.

Awesome Lists Of 80 Best Nursing Research Topics In 2022

Paediatric Nursing Research Topics

  1. What causes diabetes in youngsters?
  2. How to prevent HIV in adolescents?
  3. Explain pediatric care practices.
  4. Important tips for healthcare professionals to deal with adolescent aggression.
  5. Uses of stem cells in treating childhood diseases.
  6. Best ways to treat malnutrition in children.
  7. How do antibiotics affect childhood immunity?
  8. Ways to diagnose ear infections in children.
  9. Assessing the relationship between cardiovascular diseases, and obesity.
  10. Asthma in infants: Diagnosis & management.
  11. What are the prevention strategies for obesity among youngsters & children?
  12. What are the complications of measles in children?
  13. The impact of anorexia on cognitive function in children.
  14. What are the reasons behind increased fatigue in adolescents?
  15. Important risk-reducing strategies for blindness in children undergoing oxygen therapy.
  16. What are the early life exposures that cause heart diseases later on?
  17. How early-life exposure to air pollution causes health effects?
  18. Evaluation & treatment of movement disorders in children.
  19. What are the long-term effects of ADHD medication in children?
  20. Preventive strategies for kidney stones in children.


Geriatric Nursing Research Topics

  1. How does aging impact immunity?
  2. How to enhance oral care among elderly people?
  3. The impact of diet on dementia.
  4. How can diet reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis?
  5. Prevention and care strategies for pain management in older patients.
  6. What are the complications involved in ill patients after an extended hospital stay?
  7. Hypotension in elderly patients: Ways to detect it early on.
  8. What is the restless legs syndrome in elderly people?
  9. Describe bladder cancer therapy.
  10. Reasons for heart failure in older people: Currently available therapeutic options
  11. Effective ways to optimize care of elderly surgical patients.
  12. Explain the concept of geriatric dehydration.
  13. Best ways to handle pressure ulcers in patients suffering from hip fractures.
  14. Roles & strategies of nurses in advanced care planning.
  15. How to perform a rapid nutritional assessment in elderly patients?
  16. Discuss vital care strategies for alcohol use disorders in the elderly.
  17. How to manage sepsis in critically ill elderly people?
  18. Excessive sleepiness causes cognitive decline in elderly people.
  19. Major reasons for cerebrovascular disease & stroke in older people.
  20. What causes Alzheimer’s disease in elders?

Midwifery Nursing Research Topics For Students

  1. Evaluation of the risks for advanced maternal age.
  2. Why are antenatal appointments important?
  3. Midwifery practices in rural areas.
  4. What are the risk factors involved in postnatal depression?
  5. Causes & prevalence of stress among nurses and midwives.
  6. What are the effects of a birth plan on the birth experience?
  7. How does the childbirth experience differ in autistic women?
  8. Effective relaxation techniques & therapies for pain management in labor.
  9. How to manage emotional & physical changes while pregnant?
  10. Important strategies for immediate care of newborn babies.
  11. Methods & effectiveness of weight management during pregnancy.
  12. How does the postnatal period affect the mind?
  13. Why is a partner’s involvement important in perinatal activities?
  14. The role & history of midwifery in minority communities.
  15. How to treat disabilities during postnatal care?
  16. What are the basic rules to save, both child and mother?
  17. What are the features & significance of family planning?
  18. How to provide psychological assistance to infertile patients.
  19. The complications involved in an operative delivery. How does it affect the child?
  20. How does epilepsy affect reproductive health?

Final Words

Do you have a hard time finding the perfect nursing research topics for your assignments? We’ve got you covered!

Feel free to select any of the 80 exciting nursing research topic ideas & craft the most impressive copies. It will not only save your time but also boost the overall experience.

Moreover, always select a subject that interests you, and has widely available information from credible sources. You can hire a nursing assignment help professional for flawless deliveries.

We hope you found this post insightful!